PERSONAL CARE – Poole Mobility


  • General purpose bed pan made from polypropylene. This can be used on the Atlantic commode and shower chairs in conjunction with the perfection pan rack. It can be cleaned by steam, hot water or chemicals. The capacity of the bed pan is 1 litre. Width 300mm (11¾").Length 380mm (15"). Depth 100 (4"). Weight 1.1kg.
  • For those who have difficulty reaching, the Buckingham Easywipe allows proper wiping and personal hygiene for those who struggle. Created with an ergonomic shape, the easywipe helps those with limited dexterity. The toilet paper is grasped firmly and released cleanly for proper disposal. The easywipe can pick up toilet tissue or wet wipes equally as well, and is designed with a rounded, soft smooth look with a simple pick and release mechanism.
  • These disposable pads can be used on a chair or bed to protect the furniture and keep the user comfortable and dry from any leaks. Any liquid diffuses quickly throughout the pad, but the waterproof backing ensures leakage protection. Packs of 35.
  • The toilet aid provides assistance with independent hygiene. Made with a curved metal handle with molded-plastic head that gives the user the proper reach. The handle's recessed serrations allows it to securely to grip paper.
  • A high quality clear polypropylene bottle with a handle, snap-on lid and calibrated for output recording. A low spill adaptor is also available. Capacity 1ltr.
  • Designed to meet the needs of moderate to heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. These breathable pads have the highest absorbency of all of the disposable pads shown. Features include a stay dry barrier, resealable tapes for ideal fit and repositioning after toileting. The anti-leak protection ensures that clothes, chairs etc are protected and remain dry. Suitable for both men and Women. Available in two sizes and three levels of absorbency to suit various levels of incontinence: Regular+ for occasional, Super+ for moderate and Maxi for heavy.
  • These breathable large shaped incontinence pads are suitable for moderate to severe incontinence. The top dry layer ensures the pad always feels dry. Designed for use with stretch pants. Suitable for both men and Women. Latex free. Available in three levels of absorbency to suit various levels of incontinence: Extra+ for occasional, Super+ for moderate and Maxi for heavy.
  • High quality, small, shaped pads specifically designed for active and independent people suffering light to moderate incontinence. Anatomically shaped for comfort, they have self-adhesive strips to allow them to be worn with the users own close fitting pants. Suitable for both men and Women. Latex free. 830mls absorbency.
  • Ultra convenient, these breathable pull up pants help retain independence and dignity for users. and ideal solution for moderate incontinence among active and independent people. Sold in packs of 14. Waist Size: Extra Large: 120-160cms (47¼-63"), Large: 100-135cms (39½-53"), Medium: 80-110cms (31½-43½"),
  • The unique design of the Uriwell allows the device to be used by both men and Women. The hermetically sealed lid minimises odours and spilling. The size of a can, the Uriwell expands when necessary with a capacity of 750ml and collapsible to fit neatly into a handbag, bag or glove compartment. Easy to use, the Uriwell bends easily in any direction so that it can be used in any position - standing, lying or sitting with no spilling. Ideal for wheelchair users, those with incontinence and travelling. Compact size: 150x70mm (6x2¾"). Extended size 350x70mm (13¾x2¾").