Reclining Chairs

Add comfort to your lounge

We stock a wide choice of electronic riser/recliner chairs that are designed for people who require assistance sitting down and standing up. If you spend a lot of time seated and are experiencing pain and discomfort, then speak to our team today.

Help getting to your feet

It doesn't have to be a struggle to get out of your chair as our electric armchairs will slowly raise you whilst at the same time moving forwards to help you to your feet. You will need to press the button down for the chair to move, leaving you in complete control.
bespoke chair

Want a bespoke chair?

If you have any specific needs that you want fulfilled by our reclining chairs, then why not use our made-to-measure seating service? We will discuss your requirements, design a prototype and then create your perfect seat for you to enjoy. 

For more details on chairs, go to AJ Way Ltd at
Riser chairs

We offer:

  • Riser chairs
  • Recliner chairs
  • Electronic armchairs
  • Made-to-measure service
  • Selection of covers
  • Armchairs
Would you like your reclining chair in a certain colour? Call us on 01202 676 865
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